Mme Brussels | Fancy Food
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Fancy Food



Mt. Zero Olives marinated in the Madame’s most aromatic juices.


We’re a bit nutty here; roasted Almonds


A bow of warmed Phillipa’s camp and cheesy Parmesan Sables




Our famous Poached Chook, Chive & Mayo toasted sandwich, served with cornichons & Tabasco


Double Smoked Ham & Tasty CheeseĀ toasted baguette with lashings of Dijon, sweet mustard pickle and served with gay cornichons.


Hot and steamy Pumpkin, Leek & Feta party quiches

$10.5 for threesome

Filo Pastry Cigars filled with lightly spiced Vegan Curried Vegetables, served alongside a homemade tomato relish

$12 for four

Mama Brussels’ delicious Sossage Rolls served with a traditional garnish of dead ‘orse )tomato sauce for thos of a non-Aussie heritage)

$12 for four



Hummus served with Turkish Bread as fluffy as these descriptions


Cheese from our local lovers. A choice of a creamy Brie from Geelong’s L’Artisan, Cloth Aged Cheddar from Tinambra’s Maffra, or a tantalising rich Blue from Gippsland Cheese, awaits you. You could go for one but you know you want all three.

$14/ $28

Charcuterie selections from Ballarat meat lovers Salt Kitchen Charcuterie. A smoked Midnight Ham, spiced Wagyu Pastrami, the peppery Mr Cannubi Mortadella and an earthy Pate de Campagne accompany a tray of gay surprises



Hot Scones with a raspberry jam and double whipped cream

$6 for two

Decadent Chocolate Fondue served with marshmallows and the juiciest strawberries around.