Mme Brussels | Fancy Food
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Fancy Food



Mt. Zero Olives marinated in the Madame’s most aromatic juices.


We’re a bit nutty here; roasted Almonds


A bow of warmed Phillipa’s camp and cheesy Parmesan Sables




Our famous Poached Chook, Chive & Mayo toasted sandwich, served with cornichons & Tabasco


Double Smoked Ham & Tasty Cheese toasted baguette with lashings of Dijon, sweet mustard pickle and served with gay cornichons.


 Hot and steamy Country Chicken Pies with seasonal root vegetables


Filo Pastry Cigars filled with lightly spiced Vegan Curried Vegetables, served alongside a homemade tomato relish

$12 for four

Mama Brussels’ delicious Sossage Rolls served with a traditional garnish of dead ‘orse )tomato sauce for thos of a non-Aussie heritage)

$12 for four



Hummus served with Turkish Bread as fluffy as these descriptions


Cheese from our local lovers. A choice of a creamy Brie from Geelong’s L’Artisan, Cloth Aged Cheddar from Tinambra’s Maffra, or a tantalising rich Blue from Gippsland Cheese, awaits you. You could go for one but you know you want all three.

$14/ $28

Charcuterie selections from Ballarat meat lovers Salt Kitchen Charcuterie. A smoked Midnight Ham, spiced Wagyu Pastrami, the peppery Mr Cannubi Mortadella and an earthy Pate de Campagne accompany a tray of gay surprises



Hot Scones with a raspberry jam and double whipped cream

$6 for two

Decadent Chocolate Fondue served with marshmallows and the juiciest strawberries around.