Mme Brussels | My Brussel Sprouts
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My Brussel Sprouts

About This Project

So much to teach us all, so little time.

So… the Madame in the middle is Annie. She has been with Madame Brussels for 2 years and has just recently travelled through America and found her heart and lost her money in Las Vegas. She is a sports junky and this week she is into Paleo….next week who knows …… But why we love her at Madame Brussels is because of her divine smile.
The guy on the right is Simon who will be leaving us shortly to travel to Canada chasing his girlfriend. Simon has been with us for years and has gone straight to management. The best thing about Simon is his politness, his smile and his devishly good looks.


Now on the left is Hugh. His high kicks are so high he could work at Moulin Rouge. Hugh is studying Fashion Design and you know it by the way he dresses…..which is near to perfection.

Watch this space

Right now I'm a little distracted by all the Tatti