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OMG Will you just LOOK at what is coming up?!


Our Rooftop Cocktail bar is open all year long darlings! It is the place to be, rain hail or shine. Don’t miss out on that must-be-seen-at event, and be sure to mark these soirees on your social Calendar!

Darlings, we will be closed Easter Long Weekend 2017 for some MUCH needed beauty sleep!

Closed Friday 14th April – Monday 17th April



TWO HOUSES COLLIDE – Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2017

Tasting and serves by the glass from two house – Dominique Portet and Whispering Angel. An experience to compare and contrast the best of French and Australian rosé, alongside sumptuous Japanese savouries and sweets from Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya.

A collaboration between two rosé houses will see one of Melbourne’s most famous rooftop bars Madame Brussels transformed into an Oriental garden, filled with lavish cherry blossoms and all things ‘Kawaii’.

Celebrate the joie de vivre of the rosé style and all things glamorously pink, with rosé hued theming, dazzling entertainment, cheekily dressed staff and a plenty of Japanese morsels to match the best French and Australian rosé.

Tickets can be purchased here


April 24th

6:00 pm Myanmar

8:15 pm Oz Ukes

Click here for more information on how to book!



For your enjoyment we are running private cocktail classes

(10 person minimum, 20 person maximum)

$50 per head includes two cocktails

Plenty of great classic drinks to make, taste and enjoy. With a few snacks on the side to line those stomachs!

Tell us your favourite spirits and we’ll show you how to turn them into delicious libations.

Then take the magic back home and entertain your friends with your new skill set…


Thinking on a more grand scale? We have you covered..


The Parlour ‘up the rear of Madame Brussels’


The Parlour is our whisky inspired den of Iniquity. Brass mounted plates, red leather and rich mahogany abreast a wooden interior – A place like no other.

$2500 spend (peak season, inc beverages and food)

         Holds: 40

Location: Inside, and private too…

Music: Own docking bay.

Waiters included.

terrThe Upper Terrace

Your own private outdoor terrace, complete with astro turf, garden seats, and a view, so you can raise a glass with your loved ones.. The perfect spot for any celebration.

$6000 minimum spend (peak season, inc beverages and food)

Holds: 50

Music: your own docking bay..

Location: Outside, private, completely covered and heated

Waiters included.


We have so much more to tell you darlings email us to join our mailing list.